Means of tracking self-care: BACE


I’ve talked about it before, about how a lot of what we talk when we talk self care is well… reactive.

It’s what you do when you’re already frustrated.

and while that is an okay place to start,

the best self care regimen is one that is proactive.

One of the options for that is the BACE…

Disability and Sexuality Resources



I have been doing some research on sex and disability, and thought I would share some of the links I have found. This will be useful for me in the future as a resource, and hopefully to others too.

Disability and Sex General Links

Huge amazing list of links! Have not read all of them so don’t know if there might be some stuff that’s not so good in there, but reblogging because lots are likely to be useful for people who follow.

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Basic Rape Crisis Advocate Training.


With my departure, I didn’t want to leave you guys empty-handed and without an advocate to take disclosures. I know some of you want to dive into advocacy, but might not want to be stuck doing RAINN sessions, or go through training at your rape crisis center. This is not an…

Chronic pain sufferers are not addicted to pain killers. Chronic pain sufferers are addicted to not having to be aware of every inch of their body for every waking moment. Chronic pain sufferers are addicted to the freedom of nothingness, and don’t you dare judge them for wanting something you get free of charge.

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Your Sex Life According to Outlook: Balancing Life, Love, and Your Career



Whether it’s two months after you meet or two years, when the honeymoon is over a relationship starts to take on a pattern of comfort and routine: He thinks you’re beautiful even when you have make-up crust in the corners of your eyes and before you know it anything Outlook doesn’t alert you…



A guide to being an ally for friends and family of LGBT*QIA individuals. 

Online ebook available [HERE] if you would like to share with others but do not wish to link to your tumblr. (Also, it’s fun to turn the pages.)

Original size 20x24” posters available for educational purposes. Contact me directly for files. 

Sex does not equal gender. And there’s more to sexuality than who you’re attracted to. Reblog and raise awareness!

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recent studies reveal that 100% of abortions are performed on people who do not wish to be pregnant and 0% of abortions are performed on conservative republican men

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